Your Digital Bridge
for Real-World Collectibles

Collector brings real-world collectibles into the 21st century. Digitize your collections, trade them with others, and even collateralize your assets for loans – all without the risks and inefficiencies which plague traditional collectible marketplaces.

How It Works


Existing Marketplaces are: Inefficient , Expensive, and Risky

Founding Team

The Founding Team comes from a diverse and interdisciplinary background with core strengths in entrepreneurship, blockchain, and hobbyist collecting. We’ve built companies from concept to >50 FTEs, and for the first time are developing a project that unifies our professional experience with our deep passion for collectibles.

Richard Shafer

Sr. Software Eng


Our Advisory Team has been carefully selected for their superpowers which include fundraising, community building, ecosystem development, strategic vision, and passions for physical and digital collectibles. They’re inventors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, memers, and dreamers.

Orion Depp


Jon Radoff


Neel Master


John Kraski


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